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SynArp ArpLite2

Rating: 8/10
(by SynArp) - Free!!
ArpLite2 is simple VST-MIDI arpeggiator. ArpLite2 treat an input chord as one block, and generate an arpeggio by expanding a block with an... (info)
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SynArp SLArp

Rating: 7/10
(by SynArp) - Commercial
Form of a characteristic arpeggio-line to draw of Snake-line-Arpeggiator is made by turn-up automation - it does turn-up a direction of an arpeggio-line with note-on/off, and the random... (info)
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Rating: 7/10
(by SynArp) - Commercial
MATRIX is aide for track making by a pattern based. Pattern making by a 12x32 grid, It supplies an unlimited numerical pattern By a pattern editor. You can make an... (info)
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