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Adonis is a VA / AM / FM synthesizer.


* 2x32 notes polyphonic.
* 2 independent Voices.
* Graphical amplitude envelopes up to 32 stages.
* 4 waveforms in each Voice.
* 57 Voice-structures per Voice.
* Analog drift per Voice.
* Graphical envelopes; 4 graphical Mod-Envelopes up to 32 stages.
* 4 LFOs; host BPM syncable.
* 2 multi-mode serial / parallel filters.
* Powerful 32 steps graphical sequencer.
* Multi-effects.
* 3-band active Resonators (Nibiru-like).
* Many modulation-matrix.
* Individual outputs
* MIDI learn.
* CPU friendly.
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