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Sniper is designed to remove melodies from a mix, which it achieves by using a bunch of narrow notch-filters that are tuned to a note and its harmonics.

Sniper contains 64 narrow notch filters controlled by MIDI. By default no filters are active. When a note-on is received a group of notch filters corresponding to the harmonic content of the note is started. In special circumstances this plug allows you to remove or attenuate specific instruments from a mix while leaving the other virtually untouched.

It specifically solves the problem mentioned by Chris Huelsbeck in this thread here at KVR.

NOTE: Sniper uses the hosts's default GUI.
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System Requirements:

Windows All

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Software Info:

  • Developer: Audjoo
  • Downloads: 435 time(s)
  • Added: January 17, 2011
  • Category: VST Plugins
  • Sub Category: VST Effects
  • Rating: Rating: 0/10   0/10 0 Voters
  • License: Free!!

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